♫♪  TOMAGA - “Malintesi”

Ripping across the country-side, realmed in seclusion, stirs the “Malintesi.” As a towering entity, “Malintesi” consists of every enemy that has ever defeated. Thus, “Malintesi” is a towering construction/block/blob of humans all melted together at the torso, fighting and absorbing anything within its pathway, continuing to create more land to roam alone within. Cursed by bone tappings, cauldron sizzlings, and majestic floutings of TOMAGA, “Malintesi” is sirened to crush, kill, and destroy in order to create earth’s mega creature and ultimate creation. The processes is belligerent yet pensive, and unimaginable until the curse swallows you whole. “Misunderstood,” you say? That it is in-deed.

Hands in the Dark is throwing up their 23rd release this November 12 by TOMAGA entitled Futura Grotesk on edition of 500 black vinyl copies. No doubt will the duo kill it, as Valentina Magaletti conducts most of the percussion, “mystery objects,” and voice (!!!!), and Tom Relleen is in a more melodic-rhythmic zone. Though, 100% suspense ensues within their patient reworkings of archaic and pagan ritual sounds coursing throughout about 32 minutes of play time. Listen to the pleasantly haunted “Malintesi,” check out Hands in the Dark for the LP November 12, and feel your bubbling evil layers below as they await the enchantment of Futura Grotesk.

EXTRA!!! The video below was found via the (French) sister premiere of “Malintesi” for TOMAGA’s album-title track, “futura grotesk.” SCOPE DAT BONUS!!!

• TOMAGA: http://tomaga.bandcamp.com
• Hands in the Dark: http://handsinthedarkrecords.com

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