♫♪  TV Girl - “For You”

My mom always told me growing up, all you’ll ever get in life is used; by family, by friends, by partners, at jobs or in school, by people you barely know and people closest to you. The score evens out though, chances are everyone that’s ever been used has or will eventually use someone else too, an endless circle of symbiosis or parasitism.

TV Girl’s “For You” sets lyrics about feeling — and being —used by a partner, to a video of a (mostly) dimly lit model being pushed around on set, used as just another prop for the photographer. In the end, the model gets a paycheck at least, though it feels like whatever the payout is isn’t quite worth it. Likewise, the things done, the friends turned enemies, the efforts made, the melodies wasted in “For You” tell the same story: a payoff not quite worth all the effort, the inevitable sinking sense of being used.

Looking to use more time on TV Girl? “For You” is off the new album Who Really Cares, available on vinyl, CD, and digitally. Use a few minutes of your time and check out the video for yourself here:

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