♫♪  UNDER - “Loosen”

I love/hate that I’m getting old enough to the point where Fire Talk has a heading on their website for “Fire Talk Classics” (you shittin’ me, Trevor?). Not like it isn’t true, and good on them for being around as long as they have, introducing fans of psych’n’such to amazing unknown psych’n’such on the regular since 2009. The label keeps barreling fearlessly forward here in 2015, continuing to unturn stones of drone to reveal sweet ambient-collage pearls like the naturalistic sounds of UNDER from Japan. A prolific artist (with a fabulous Tumblr, by the way), UNDER captures the complexities of nature by fusing sights seen and sounds heard with a sense of pure imagination, culminating in this short set of beautiful guitar thrums and heavenly vocal tones, all shining up into the heavens beneath a paper-thin sheet of iridescent reverb. Fire Talk’s set to release Loosen in a criminally meager edition of 50 copies, which are available for pre-order as of the typing of this most-humbling Tiny Mix Tape premiere.

• UNDER: http://under-under-under.tumblr.com
• Fire Talk: http://firetalkrecs.com

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