♫♪  unhappybirthday - “Smileys”

In a furious gaze for complacency, unhappybirthday rips listeners a slice of irony in the previously unreleased track, “Smileys.” Out this summer on Netherland’s new imprint Wave Tension Records, Kraken (originally released on the strictly analog label, Night People Records), and to kick it off, they’re releasing one of two previously unreleased tracks, one entitled “Smiley.” As the beat rides out, the tone matches the track title in stark, dreary contentment, with swirling, low-end synthetics, laked in a subtle muck that overwhelms soaring melody, while the drums ride out. It’s a sunny day feel for the couch potato. Let’s spend this summer inside. Listening to Kraken on repeat. Find the meaning of memory. And start from there. In the mean-time, celebrate with unhappybirthday’s newest unreleased single, “Smileys:”

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