♫♪  v e s a - “r e l a x”

New “r e l a x” mix from NYC producer v e s a is the exact direction get lost. Just beyond the eight-minute mark, “r e l a x” envelopes listeners in a time-lapse and cryogenically encapsulates listeners simply through tonal direction. And the intentional juxtaposition: this reminder of someone yelling to another about artistic and creative ambition; this invisible subject is being berated by another, but is totally cancelling out the noise for a moment to themselves. As if the statement is being flipped on the accuser and settled upon through personal creativity. Art is for the self.

Actually, I found out about “r e l a x” by v e s a through a Tweet of his. In relation to “Arts is for the self,” v e s a was more interested to see if people wanted to hear what he made. He was interested in sharing his personal experience to whoever felt mutually intrigued. It’s brilliant marketing. So find yourself lost in v e s a’s “r e l a x” streaming below:

• v e s a: https://soundcloud.com/vesabeats

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