♫♪  Various Artists: Ramp Local - Eclectic Sessions Vol 2

Eclectic Sessions Volume 2 (Ramp Local) is a state fair of mind. Instead of corny dogs, you get Macula Dog; instead of puppet shows, you get Giant Claw; instead of petting zoos, you get Horn Horse; instead of gravitrons, you get Bichkraft. Plenty of choices, and low conflict (other than maybe a couple of afterhours fist fights by the bandstand).

What binds this all together is - meat, bread, beer, pop, styrofoam, and salt - it’s all fried, blue-ribbon fried. You got your Giant Claw with his bountiful harvest of notes, sparkling like molecules of powdered sugar. You got your New Englad Patriots; you meet them in the moonbounce, where they’re making rock sport and sport religion. You got your The Cradle, swiping stolen credit cards and forging signatures in order to finally take that trip to the exotic nowhere. So there you have it, right out the gate, A   to   B   to   C, the science behind the midway. Balloons on the left, the inverter on the right, working together for total environment. Total fried environment - hot fat oil job - rainbow grease. Meanwhile, the carnival boss is crouched behind a generator, taking a smoke break. He burnt the map of the midway and lit his cigarillo.

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