Feels like post-shoegaze-style rocking these days is the new basement jam sesh. Like how punk was everyone’s go-to easy jam, and prior to that, “Johnny B. Goode.” Eh, conjection. But I think it’s about technology. At once, you can hear the simplicity and overwhelming depth of “Nowhere” by Village. “Yo, slick a riff for me while I walk this bass, please.” “How about some whistling keys as I tap out a little bl’ow-bl’ow.” Flick all them switches on, and it sounds like one part vocals, all parts symbiosis. Living close to New York City, you notice that crowds and cars tend to toothpaste-squeeze, and “Nowhere” is the perfect sound for both absorption and being lost within sound bottlenecking into a singular burst of joy. Let’s get lost. Let’s see something else. Never hoping for location. Always transcending terrain.

Village’s “Nowhere” 7-inch is out October 9 on white vinyl via Kingfisher Bluez. PREPARE.

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