♫♪  Wifi Princess - “Reebok Love”

“Reebok Love” and four other wavy tracks have been locked in a password protected dungeon since November, waiting for a digi-heroine with Wi-Fi knowledge beyond their years to break them free from the hands of second-ife obscurity. Many fought, many failed before producer, singer, url lifer Wifi Princess — the friend who can feel the free Wi-Fi hotspot wherever they are, this world’s Old Yeller. She slides in with total love for LDR and jailbreaks the witch-hop quintet. Struggling to find them a home, [a future label] offers the five fugitives shelter in a beach side condo known to friends as Lust of Tears.

Check Wifi-P’s Dream and Desire EPs and revel in Lust for Tears out now.

• Wifi Princess: https://soundcloud.com/wifi-princess

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