♫♪  Wild Kid - In Flux

Don’t know if last week was shit for y’all, but from the buzz, it’s been a pretty FREAK fall thus far. Not to say it’s all BAD — which to distribute bad and good luck fairly is unfathomable, considering the definition of “fate” lingers somewhere between cocktail talk and algorithm — but the fine line between the polarities is somethings boundlessly cross. Say you total your car (80% your fault), but in the long run you needed a new one anyhow. Or maybe Grams never comes out of the hospital. Is finally opening up a credit card the right solution? The fluctuation of being bares a weight that’s oblong and shifting a balancing act upon that polaris fine-line. Luckily Apothecary Compositions just dropped In Flux, the full new EP from Wild Kid, ensuring your contorted schedule is soundtracked by musical measure.

The controlled chaos festering within In Flux will take over your mind and leave you slightly broken, but only in a functional way that’s adaptive of the environment directly about you. Listen to the new Wild Kid EP on Apothecary Compositions below and find that puzzle piece that’s been missing:

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