♫♪  Wind Atlas - “Ecdisis”

Wind Atlas, if “Ecdisis” is any indication, sound a bit like Sioux Sioux after the Banshees broke up, if she had gone in a more interesting direction. Or maybe if Peter Murphy had started a project with Sioux Sioux? Something like that. Truth is, it doesn’t matter once those early Edge/Chameleons guitars, full of melodic urgency despite their simplicity, hit; the ritualistic feel of the backing turns up their immediacy even more, to the point where the whole composition seems to depend on them. But that voice, ringing through the ether, also needs something, anything, to happen, lest the sands of time swallow her whole. It’s a mystical, otherworldly trip that serves as a nice preview for Wind Atlas’ Lengua Ignota, a full-length, vinyl-only release that drops like an 80s scud bomb in March on the Gumshoe-approved Burka For Everybody label (Robert Turman, German Army, Puff!). If past BFE joints are any indication, Lengua Ignota is going to rule coolness at your school, or something like that; however, seeing as I have heard an advance of the record in its entirety, I can say that it FOR SURE schools your coolness rules. Or something like that. You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way Wind Atlas blows, people (down).

Here’s a tracklist:

1. Eurydice’s Chant
2. Sound Of Gold, Rythm Of Jade
3. The Sun Rises
4. Hylé
5. Stalker
6. The Goddess Is Where It Is Venerated
7. Ecdisis
8. Demona
9. The Joy Of The Aluoniad

• Wind Atlas: http://windatlas.bandcamp.com
• Burka For Everybody: http://www.burkaforeverybody.com

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