♫♪  Wywy Brix - Clear Licorice

Clear Licorice is the debut of Wellington, New Zealand’s Wywy Brix and the only glimmer of hope in a search field overrun candy crush forums. Web MD uses words like “Possibly Safe” and “Likely Safe” to consume Clear Licorice, but consult your doctor or f-that noise this is the internet, you’re an adult here. Grab a pack, share with your friends or your cat and put Clear Licorice on the speakers. Cats love DIY House because they relish in their independence and never pass up an opportunity to sleep on whatever is available to them. Wywy Brix is the feline king.

Clear Licorice is the second of two May releases from 1080p (Keita Sano is out tomorrow), the fourth party-rock album from New Zealand from the label (Mongo Skato, Mark Wundercastle, Tlaotlon), and cluster of individual existentialist techno experiments. Ryan Bennett’s Wywy Brix came to fruition after a run under the moniker Cartoon – chaotic let-the-good-times-roll electro-funk – a transition not 100% clear until the funk kicks back in. Tracks like “Bush Walk,” the hazy “Polydactyl,” and “Solar Power,” spacial and elevated, are gifts to the heavens. “Superb B.O.P” and “wywy b wywy” bring the acid, precursors to both Xiao Feng features – the second “Freak Me” is elegant minimal house and maybe my favorite. Find out for yourself in the stream below. Clear Licorice is up for pre-order now and out May 19.

• Wywy Brix: http://wywybrix.com
• 1080p Collection: http://1080pcollection.net

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