♫♪  YlangYlang - “Oh Moon”

A quick flip through the Catherine Debard’s moniker, YlangYlang who released Am I being overdramatic on the ever-persistent Ailanthus Recordings last month, and we find the Montreal artist keeps steady an appreciation of space, interstellar and intrapersonal. In past, now sold out, physical releases like Cottonmouth see-er or Tune your eyes into kaleidoscope vision, we’re brought into Catherine’s headspace. Feeling free or shackled, depending on the decorations.

Off her new album, the shuffled lullaby “Oh Moon” is lifted by Catherine’s voice that’s hovering carelessly around your room. Turn the lights off, let your eyes get glossy, but squint enough to see the video. We have Japanese candy sashimi tutorials, trees, Catherine Debard’s prayer hands, an artists rendition of the moon – it’s a all-inclusive bedroom show for anyone who can’t get up to Montreal.

Toronto’s Inyrdisk Records is making a limited-run of Am I being overdramatic CDs and it comes out this week! Plus, peep Pyramid Island / Parallel Beaches, another #rare album she released on the Montreal label You can’t help but feel hypnotized.

• YlangYlang: http://ylangylang.bandcamp.com
• Ailanthus Recordings: https://ailanthusrecordings.bandcamp.com
• Inyrdisk: http://inyrdisk.com

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