♫♪  100s - “10 Freaky Hoes”

Thus far the buzz surrounding the “10 Freaky Hoes” video centers around its final frame, in which 100s (real name Kossisko Konan) writes, “I appreciate each and everyone of you, but it’s now time for me to continue my journey. So this is good bye.” This has been read as a letter of resignation, but let’s not forget that “10 Freaky Hoes” is the last track on 100s’ 2014 EP, Ivry, a release that begins with a song called “Inglish Outro.” That track is credited as featuring Ice Cold Perm, though there are no guest vocals on it and Ice Cold Perm is of course the title of the prior 100s project.

So maybe just as “Inglish Outro” marks the departure of Ice Cold Perm and the arrival of Ivry, “10 Freaky Hoes” is not 100s’ retirement, but merely the passing of another lovable pimp he has created for us.

I really hope so.

Because Ivry stands firm as one of the best releases of the year, track 3 “Fuckin Around” should be a hit record playing on radio stations across the country, and 100s’ is a rare talent that would be sadly missed.

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