♫♪  18+ - “Want 2” / “Lost Wood”

18+ are back with two new videos, and in contrast to their last few (“jet$,” “Remi_Red,” and song of the year “EXECUTION”), both “Want 2” and “Lost Wood” sound much more lighthearted, almost inviting. Not that their previous stuff was impenetrable, but the dark, moody tones and minimal beats always signified to me cold, sterile spaces, especially in the context of their creeped-out vids and fetishistic lyrics — not exactly the kind of stuff you turn to when you’re seeking silly things like transcendence. But absorption is certainly part of the game here, and this music’s incredibly seductive, with sex (“I lick your face while I say his name”) and violence (“Wish I could/ Guess I should/ Knock on wood/ Gag you good”) pulsating deep and loud from within the uncanny valley. Okay, I’m boring myself already. Just listen and feel for yourself. “Want 2” above, “Lost Wood” below.

• 18+: http://18plus18plus18plus.tumblr.com

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