♫♪  Action Bronson - “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” [prod. by Harry Fraud]

This is faaaaaaantastic! How American is this video? Man, I’ve had a BBW fetish forever, so this video makes me sweat around all sorts of folds and spandex wet marks. All that weight Action pumping and breaking into his body. Enormous Jeep on course. Lyrics as messy as Candy Land vomit. Dogs as friendly as kittens, looking meaner than them Jeep headlights. Flowers and sucking. Cropped-out female bodies in the passenger seat post-hot-tub soaking. Gold swimsuits as flashy as the metal itself. Getting lost in flesh. Classic Action cooking. La Musica de Harry Fraud (without the vocal reference to his name). Oh my gawwwd, it’s RiFF RaFF!! Chillin freezes all. “It’s me” ….Action Bronson’s beard is really the focal point of the video, and keeps it modest by not overdoing shots of it. Legit: if “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” hasn’t been your crank jam on the radio these past few weeks, let it ride out your summer, straight to freedom!

Action Bronson and Harry Fraud’s Saab Stories is out June 11.

• Action Bronson: http://www.actionbronson.com
• Harry Fraud: http://www.harryfraud.com

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