Afrika Pseudobruitismus
“Good Bivrations”

People are really hopping aboard the serious train with their music/art deez dayz. Like, they really trying to transcend their musical art into something more by using companion visuals/videos. I’m into it when they’re super straight-faced about it. Not like in a Kanye funny/serious way, but in a stern artistic belief way. It presents the understanding of self within digital culture too. Afrika Pseudobruitismus, I believe, is really striving for this style of presentation. Especially in this “Good Bivrations,” but in a way-way retro revival way yet completely into the art of it, making it a part of something that’s not really a part of anything. Like, like, like watching an old PBS-edited mindfuck program on how your life could be involved in all this meaning, but really it’s just an exercise. But get hype. This song is all about complex yet relaxed bives. Wobble along and snoop they’s new album Waikiki Kosmos on Ailanthus Records.

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