♫♪  Alice Cohen - “Backwards”

The cleverly placed/titled opening track “Backwards” off Alice Cohen’s newest OESB LP, Into The Grey Salons, comes to TMT’s daily media page a month late, but it’s never outta vogue when an album drops the next day. As in: Into The Grey Salons DROPS TOMORROW ON OESB (in black and grey ltd. ed. vinyls). Okay, but transitioning “Backwards” seems to be key here for me, and as we all find many moons in our existence (depending on how much you pay attention) Alice Cohen finds hers in different dimensions/worlds. As Alice traverses melody-hooks by the plethora in “Backwards,” so does the video, reflecting her “hopes and heavenly dreams,” building up levels of song structuring, almost visually like the moon-map she’s controlling. Though, if her lyrical content and alliterations and pleasant flow doesn’t charm you enough, Alice’s synthetic geometry, warping guitar, and Afterburner soft-yet-distinct drumming will swoon your clicker to the repeat button almost immediately. Oh, wait, you can’t GLAM repeat via Vimeo? Fair enough, I’ve SoundCloud embedded Alice Cohen’s “Backwards” below, in all it’s infamy:

• Alice Cohen: https://alicecohen.bandcamp.com
• Olde English Spelling Bee: http://oesbee.com

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