♫♪  Amnesia Scanner - “AS Chingy”

Labeling Amnesia Scanner as a “whole new breed of music” is one of the biggest under-sells EVER. I’m fairly certain Amnesia Scanner isn’t even human(s), but WiFi warfare that musters on the low from signal to ping, eventually blending a variety of sounds that converge into a recorder somewhere (as well as Twitter, SoundCloud, w/e else) that just starts shooting out e-mails to labels and music magazines for coverage. Well, in the video for “AS Chingy,” fans get a Being John Malkovich view into “Amnesia Scanner Live @ Electrowerkz London 30.3.2016.” You doubt me? Okay, so maybe it hasn’t happened YET, but if I spent THAT MUCH money on going to London for a show as promising as this… yeah, I’d say the visuals in “AS Chingy” aren’t far from reality. Straight up dancing to the sounds of cyborgs fucking like gorillas on stage, but it’s really just a modem mixing signals across the world, into a venue full of people faithful enough to place their hopes and dreams into one night of pure technology. But vortexes, u kno? Shit like that…

Anyhow, Young Turks is dropping the first physical release of Amnesia Scanner’s on Friday entitled AS. It’s an EP, five-tracks long, and AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER now.

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