♫♪  Babyfather - “Skywalker Freestyle”

“I don’t think marching, listening to Kendrick Lamar on Oxford St., is really gonna solve it.”
– Dean Blunt

As Babyfather step on (a presumably non-floating) stage today for Flux Festival in Denmark, the group has released a video for their new track, “Skywalker Freestyle.” It’s fucking good. Watch the video above, peep the upcoming dates for Babyfather’s tour here, and listen to BBF

In related news, Dean Blunt recently appeared as “Glenn Danzig” in an intriguing roundtable hosted by Boiler Room, where he talks Black Lives Matter, Dead Prez, Kendrick Lamar, and the black body. The whole thing’s worth watching, but Blunt’s main contribution comes at 1:11:23. View the full discussion below.

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