♫♪  Benoit & Sergio - “Your Darkness”

For some reason or another, I’ve felt a little nervous about telling people that I’m into Benoit & Sergio. On the one hand, they’ve put out a handful of choice tracks on such esteemed labels as DFA, Visionquest, and Spectral Sound; on the other, they’re a couple of fancy looking dudes playing the clubs in Ibiza and getting lumped into the whole “EDM” thing. But are they any of these things? At first I’d put them into the later category, but then I got over myself and connected with their sad boy house classics “What I’ve Lost,” “New Ships,” and “Let Me Count the Ways.”

After hinting at a full-length album, the duo have only dropped two releases over the past year, 2013’s Adjustments EP and July’s beautifully titled Your Darkness EP, with the video for the title track available to view above. I guess this is the first time I’ve aired my love for these dudes and their music, so I guess I’ll find out where all the other slick Euro party peeps are at. Hopefully you dig these tunes as well, because they really hit the sweet spot that makes me hit repeat on almost all of their tracks. Turn off the lights and embrace “Your Darkness,” because you’ve got to confront your nightmares sometime, and it might as well be on the dancefloor.

• Benoit & Sergio: https://soundcloud.com/benoitandsergio
• Visionquest Records: http://yourvisionquest.com

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