Bitter Fictions

The fine line between getting up and falling asleep in terms of this track “Raise” is directly in its name. Bitter Fictions (Devin Friesen) does a real interesting job of distorting the line between awake and asleep, not only in the track, but also in the video. Unsure of location and vision. Not entirely trusting reality, but being forced to as a reference point. Thought drawing upon conclusive colors opposed to finding a new one and selling it to Wal-Mart of China. What can be reality in an immersed world of electronics? Plucking? Yeah, it’s there, with a dash of strumming, maybe. The measurement of time and repetition of modality. Yet, is that any different than sleep? Can one keep track of dream-time compared to real time? Nahh. Or can Bitter Fictions provide the answer? It’s merely thought provoked if the provocation was once in thought. Does it spin or twine? Ideas come into a succession of layers, and filing them down is all at once preposterous and vision-defining. Feel it throughout Bitter Fictions’ new self-titled LP out now.

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