♫♪  Brood Ma - “P O P U L O U S”

Released via the Quantum Natives label on May 1 as free download, Brood Ma’s “POPULOUS” is a “fractured, cybergothic nexus of tropes.” Brood Ma’s tumultuous record is built on what the press describes as “crisis scenarios” and the “aesthetics of simulated combat.” Enveloping the listener in a salvo of jettisoning pitch-envelopes, Andy Stott-like dubbed percussion and suturing movements through zonal occupations, “POPULOUS” exists as an assault on the situation of evaporating contexts between the mind and the body. Brood Ma takes Steve Goodman’s ideas of sonic warfare quite literally, using the phenomenal of sound and the plasticity of its conception to engage the fetishism that comes along with first-world commodity exchange.

• Brood Ma: https://soundcloud.com/broodma
• Quantum Natives: http://quantumnatives.com

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