♫♪  copeland - “Smitten”

copeland, best known as Inga Copeland (former member of Hype Williams), is releasing her brilliant, fantastic, amazing, clinquantly effulgent debut solo LP Because I’m Worth It sometime this month. It’s great. Has a Lynchian streetlight, city-as-possibility vibe that’s complemented/offset/juxtaposed by noise, hypnotic beats, and copeland’s detached yet close-to-mic intimacy.

But before that drops, copeland has released a surprise 7-inch with exclusive non-album tracks. “Smitten” is its A-side, a song that’s a bit more vocal forward and overtly chugging than the tracks on the album, but still curiously has that dragging uplift, meaningful drudgery, and exhilarating tedium that copeland somehow evokes in her music.

The 7-inch is available now in extremely limited quantities.

• copeland: https://www.youtube.com/copeland657

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