♫♪  Culture Dealer - One Hitter Wonders: A Collection of Song Poems [preview]

Ever thought of writing a song for a bunch of lo-fier musicians? Well, this is pretty much it. The project launched in the winter, I believe. On Culture Dealer. Which, I wrote an e-mail to the dude (who’s this dude) when the idea launched, axing him if it’d be solid to write a Chocolate Grinder post for this collection, and then turn the post into a song ON the collection. Awesome idea, right? Your response will be as loud and clear to me as his was. ‘_’ At least he made a solid business model and gave it a slick title: One Hitter Wonders: A Collection of Song Poems. But, I mean, $7 a song, and then it’s sold later as a $5 collection cassette? That’s brilliant. Blows Bored Fortress and split tape clubs out of the water. Feel free to scope what other listeners have to say on One Hitter Wonders: A Collection of Song Poems. Bottom line: it’s a funny idea!

• Culture Dealer: http://culturedealer.com

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