Duppy Gun Productions is such a good fucking idea. Like, too many good ideas getting thrown in there: next level production, giving unheard musicians to work, resurgence of dance hall, video/sound art, etc. Yet rightfully, “too many.” And I’ve heard the wieldy duo of Duppy got LOADS of video footage to sift through from previous travels, so these videos we have already are merely a tease. In Chapter 3: “RASTA LIFE” [DUPPY GUN DUBPLATE], we got an introduction into the atmosphere of DAY ONE, how the recording is arranged, and the lack of importance it is to witness familiar faces (a.k.a. Cameron Stallones and M. Geddes).

It’s a humbling idea to know DAY ONE is getting the lime light needed to front his incredible voice and vision to the world. Most importantly, the entire collection of Duppy Gun Productions Vol. 1 is loaded with bullets like “RASTA LIFE.” So when someone bears the question, “What is shot from the Duppy Gun?” You link them HERE and tell ‘em to sit (on the couch) and spin (it on the turn table) when it arrives in the mail November 18 from Stones Throw Records.

• Duppy Gun Productions: http://www.duppygun.com
• Stones Throw Records: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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