Daytime Television
“Upload My Selecta”

Over here we got mad people griping on a Tuesday. Brothers be all, “POW-POW, I ain’t got no money; this a finger-gun stickup,” and sisters hollering, “Yo, I’m either hungover or just full from eating this weekend.” But for a Daytonite gone West Coast… it’s all judge shows, soaps, the 700 Club, and infomercials. Err, that is, Jónó Mí Ló musicking as Daytime Television, who makes that antenna fuzz a hell of a dance party. “Upload My Selecta” baring some Jam City-style beat intensity, white noise-snaring, and cellphone-against-cellphone-against-cellphone warped vocals. Shit is like looking into your wireless mouse and seeing technology (sun) spots for hours after. The man is a model for the future, with a release on Ailanthus, a co-release as Teamm Jordann on Orange Milk, and a collab with Coyote Clean Up.

Enjoy the single, and maybe donate to his Tumblr below.

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