♫♪  Dean Blunt - “TRIDENT”

Nobody knows what you’re up to, Dean Blunt. There’s nothing that really matters to anyone about YOU but the music being made under the Dean Blunt or Hype Williams names. You do JUST FINE with mystery in the music world being created throughout these past few releases. Dunno anything about this “50 CENT / TRIDENT” 12” / OCT, but exactly, right? I pre-ordered Black Metal. I assume one or both these songs will be on there. And EVERYBODY is itching for that new-wave reclamation of “black” and/or “metal.” Mostly just hyped on the incentive of there being a totally new 12-inch to shelve next to MERSH. We’ll see. Otherwise, just enjoy the linger Blunt provides via slow-pulse drone with patiently plucked guitar work into the click-squeak beat and personal (??) lyrical content; raw — it’s all raw, always.

• Dean Blunt: https://soundcloud.com/urbansocialmedialounge
• Rough Trade: http://www.roughtraderecords.com

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