♫♪  Diamond Terrifier - “Shrine Flu” [live in Oberlin, OH]

Blasting through dimensions and dark matter comes Diamond Terrifier. Touching down in Oberlin, OH to warp the strongest of minds, Sam Hillmer lung-sirens sound that breaks the barrier. I may have heard it here on Strong Island. Here’s what Sam had to say:

Oberlin is full of antiquated looking structures with quotes from the Bible and other scary books carved into them and messaging you constantly. This probably explains why Oberlin [College] grads, immediately upon graduation, book it for Brooklyn, a decidedly less intense zone, at least in terms of being proselytized to by the architecture. At any rate, fittingly, we played in this awesome, and very beautiful chapel. The vibe totally popped off, and I’m stoked on this vid… Hope you dig it!

Scope the full Diamond Terrifier Shrine Flu cassette at Words + Dreams now.

• Diamond Terrifier: http://diamondterrifier.tumblr.com
• Words + Dreams: http://www.wordsplusdrea.ms

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