♫♪  Die Antwoord - “Fok Julle Naaiers”

While I read about internet as a human right, my girlfriend is watching the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie #eeek. So, if the internet were collectively passed in society as a human right, 30 years from now pirates will be the new hackers. Err, hackers the new pirate; the new deep black. Whichever, there would constantly be tons of new people arriving “late” to the internet for these hackates to digi-pillage. New people who consider nothing to be classist because they have no basis of classism. Eventually, errbody will have readily accessible internet — oh, and a computer and electricity, right? And those “late” arrivals will present the future of art and progression and culture and the extinction of humans void of internet communication. Because isn’t creativity and fresh viewpoints based on articulating misunderstanding? Maybe Die Antwoord is a part of this late-to-the-internet culture. Maybe “Fok Julle Naaiers” will become the new “cray.” Guess who’s back in their deus ex machina zone: DJ High-Tek.

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