♫♪  Dva - “Mulatu”

Sometimes it REALLY feels like “Mulatu.” Like, reality is just a systematic way of breaking down your daily cycle/life into an intricate animation penned by Jára Plachý. All you want to do is reach the top of that mountain, but the menagerie of advertisements surrounding your life is telling you people are okay; your life is okay; going 120 mph on the BQE is a worse idea than buying dinner at [a chain restaurant]. Dva understands you, though. Not only do they guide you toward the healing light of peaceful prophecy, but allow you to vent aggression by way of sonic output. By utilizing an plethora of horns, vocals, percussion, claps, shakers… “oh, just EVERYTHING!!!” …this Czech duo gets blood flowing the opposite direction, slicing you a crooked smile, and beats a path you’ve only dreamed of taking.

Dva’s new album Nipomo is poppin’ off on Northern Spy Records Feb. 25 in LP, cassette (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), CD, and digital formats. U.S. pre-orders can be placed here, and non-U.S. pre-orders over here. “Mulatu” single can be downloaded here, as you should be listening to this hourly. PeeP!

• DVA: http://www.2dva.cz/en
• Northern Spy Records: http://northernspyrecords.com

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