♫♪  Earthsurfers - “Skate to Death”

Yeah, fuck yeah! Who else had a winter that lasted two seconds? Well, I’m thinking these fellahs kept summer alive all year thrashing and skating and crushing bugs. Eating bugs. Where’d all the thrash go? Where’d all the dumb-fuck head, snot-for-brains music bury itself? Justin Pearce, come back! Thankfully, the Earthsurfers are keeping the heat alive, specifically on cassette tape, by sludging carnage via drum/vox/guitar smear. But is the culture gone? Will this project work? How much left you got in that can? How much in the 12-pack? Scope the Earthsurfers’ release on Deep Tapes — YES, DEEP TAPES — sometime soon. Maybe a Pukers collaboration on the horizon? Or maybe my mouth shits bull. Fuck off!!! @punkSNOTdead

• Earthsurfers: http://deeptapes.com/artists/earthsurfers
• Deep Tapes: http://deeptapes.com

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