♫♪  Eleventeen Eston - “Two Stroke Vertical Climb”

As grainy as its sounds, the video for “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” calms breezes with the white-washed strings of Eleventeen Eston’s trusty guitar, and blurs out a blend of that age-old Not Not Fun esoterica fans are always interested in absorbing. Like being played on crackling pool, mini-golf, drive-thru, and telephone speaker system, Eleventeen Eston takes listeners back to a place in their mind — opposed to time — where “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” has been a familiar song to you your entire life. Anytime is right. Every gust is a paradise. Mists of sea and salt coat your body. “Two Stroke Vertical Climb” leaves you sweatless. And Eleventeen Eston has done good in the name of peace

Head to Not Not Fun’s store and grip Eleventeen Eston’s newest tape Delta Horizon (limited to 100), scope Britt’s description, LAWLZ like a true fan, and Hi-Vis your next Perth vacation ASAP!

• Eleventeen Eston: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eleventeen-Eston/215619231941116
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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