♫♪  Euglossine - “Phase Stone to Love”

Let’s take some time to appreciate the under-loved late 90s Sci-Fi series Sliders, when Jerry O’Connell stopped being the chubby kid from Stand By Me and started being the literate man we all know him as. The series detailed the triumphs of Jerry O’Connell, Jerry O’Connell’s professor, Jerry O’Connell’s lady, and Levi Stubbs reincarnate sliding between alternative universes trying to get back to their own. It’s Jerry O’Connell, going earth to earth, ad infinitum where his only constant was the slide. It must have felt like home, a bright, interstellar hometown where Jerry O’Connell’s OBE allows him to make light jazzy dance tracks and release it to us under the name Euglossine.

Snow Broth has Euglossine’s lastest 50 minute OBE Tropical Popsicle available in a cassette and digital download.

• Euglossine: https://soundcloud.com/euglossine
• Snow Broth: http://www.snow-broth.com

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