Featureless Ghost

We may have reached a point in music, particularly pop-oriented music, where something we could hear as influenced from the past or an intentional reference to something that has been done before may actually be coincidental or even subconscious. It is surely possible that Atlanta-based Featureless Ghost are deliberately mimicking nostalgic style, but they do it so effortlessly that it almost seems like they are from some remote island and didn’t experience the same 1980s we did and just made this music out of nowhere with zero influence. Just sayin’.

Night People have released Featureless Ghost’s new full-length called Mindbody. The video above is a trippy trippy vid for laid-back track “Sim.”

• Featureless Ghost: http://www.featurelessghost.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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