♫♪  FIELD WORKS - “The Elevator: Cities and the Sky”

To avoid swag-jacking our pal Tay-Tay Petes, Ima just link the story the fellah recently for NUVO, Inc. about Stuart Hyatt’s adventures along the Indy Sound Map (filmed by Jonathan Frey). “The Elevator: Cities and the Sky” is from the new FIELD WORKS album The National Road — aptly named in terms of this video — and the LP came out last Friday via TEAM Records. And it’s neat to reflect upon the video, seeing that it’s early spring now, and the terrain in Indiana here looks mid-winter. The looped vocals and tonal intro really provide a friendly yet haunted feel to what’s being seen, while also matching the wobble of the vocals and steadiness of drums. Apparition or not, these people ARE residents of Indiana, and they WILL be gone one day, so it’s nice to see their spirit alive via video prior to future America setting into their beautiful Mid-West land. Scope the rest of the FIELD WORKS album The National Road via TEAM Records and feel the tickle of a breeze that isn’t there.

• TEAM Records: http://www.teamrecords.org


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