Fort Romeau

So, our film editor/writer/fellah Benjamin Pearson recently notified the TMT staff, “Really digging the plus-size fashion ads [on the site]. Feel like it’s progressive of us. Except when it shows up at the same time as the McDonald’s ad, and then I think, maybe our readers aren’t doing too well? Should we post more Choco tracks that are good for working out?”

So, the first in my series of workout jams is this here Fort Romeau (Michael Norris) banger, “SW9.” The single came out this year, but he released a full album on mega fat-burning label 100% SILK last year (which is still for sale). However, Ghostly International’s sister label Spectral Sounds is taking Norris’ deep house sweat to the finish line. So sprint your lunch hour on the treadmill today, and feel that “SW9” gain.

• Fort Romeau:
• Spectral Sounds:

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