♫♪  Francesco - Arrière Saison

Surprendre! The stupendous French label Cindy’s Tapes has awoken from its nearly yearlong slumber (fucking Rip Van Winkle over here, amiright?) to bring yet another reeler of sweaty bangers and sleazy beats into the world. Huzzah! And this time around, Parisian producer Francesco is at the wheel, dodging in and out of traffic with ease, smoothly adjusting his side and rear view mirrors.

Throughout the forty minute duration of Arrière Saison, moves are made and production is produced. That’s for sure. Funky, hard, and just plain solid in general, do yourself a favor and peep the trailer above, then dig the album stream below. And if you’re like me and live in an area where the current climate makes you feel like a bag of frozen peas all of the time, I suggest snagging up a cassette to help, you know, physically warm things up. But be warned! You might get all hot and bothered if you regularly bump this tape, resulting in all kinds of mishaps. And trust me, those can be VERY sticky situations.

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