♫♪  François Roux - Delayed Boomerang

What stands next to you and is invisible in the mirror? Shadow steps in the locker room, doubting the heel of a black sneaker. Videographer is scared of own shadow cast from clinical top-down lighting. The nuclear steam, scared to roam free, retreats back into the cooling towers. A quadruped retreats. A four-wheeler tumbles.

It’s not a race, more of an illusion, one step ahead in nonexistence, among other things — all of them strung together like fishing line through this sequence of time. Each shot is perfect in of itself and effective in its place designated by the editor. Tension burbles and refluxes until the final shadow leg of Delayed Boomerang, where, after a magician’s sneeze, the viewer bungee jumps into the paint of springtime.

• François Roux: http://francoisroux.net

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