♫♪  GLOOP - “Your Heart Claps For Me”

A box tops song clocks in under two minutes — but it’s not “The Letter.” The cardboard-headed figures you see are the gentlemen of GLOOP, whose conveyance involves no air-o planes or fast trains, but instead a car’s backup camera is on them as they crack the bones of Unsane and grab the splinters, announcing that “Your Heart Claps For Me.”

“Objects Are Closer Than They Appear” reads the everyday mirror reminder, which, against the sharp corners of fidgeting noise, hits more like a koan, a cryptic ponderable, a sideshow fortune. An example of GLOOP’s honed chaotic harnessing, from an upcoming release called Smiling Lines. Pre-order a tape or CD from Buzzhowl Records or Grimoire Records, respectively.

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