♫♪  Gregg Kowalsky - “Tuned to Monochrome”

Gregg Kowalsky’s album L’Orange, L’Orange from late last year was one of my favorite drone releases of 2017. Full of bright, textured analogue synth manipulations and uplifting melodies, L’Orange, L’Orange still accompanies me on many morning commutes. Now, Kowalsky shares a new visual accompaniment for the track “Tuned to Monochrome.” Created by analog gear lab Tachyons + using machines modified from obsolete devices built in the 80s and 90s, the video emits a distinct nostalgic vibe, as images of windsurfers and vibraphone players merge with colourful analogue distortion. To add to YouTube user fiendlybean’s comment “I liked that on my screen” — you’ll like this in your ears too.

L’Orange, L’Orange is available through Mexican Summer on cassette, CD or vinyl. Buy here and watch the vid to “Tuned to Monochrome” above.

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