♫♪  Grouper - “Made of Air”

Welp, Paul Clispon (occasional partner in crime with Liz Harris) made a small-film-esque video for Grouper’s wide-breathe track “Made of Air” off her newest album Ruins (TMT Review, nbd <3). And it’s as looped out and lethargic and contemplative and serene as her music, which is beautiful. It actually reminds me of a project I had to do in film school (SIDE NOTE: did a year of film school in order to waste my parents’ money) that entailed ONE visual/video that conveys a two different emotional outcomes when sound is used or silenced. So, obviously I took a bunch of random symbolic visual nonsense, and then recorded a directors commentary track about how wasted we were during the filming and proceeded to make fun of people in my class, which got me kicked from the program, but c’mon… that’s like an A+ project. Sorta like the A+ “Made of Air” gets, but maybe more prestigious.

“Made of Air” is a good example of how shit like The Disintegration Loops also effected/affected modern music as art. Like, I’d LOVE to crack at the whole women’s folk/singer-songwriter “war” popping currently in my 2014 music folder (Grouper, Weyes Blood, Marissa Nadler, Diane Cluck, etc.), but “Made of Air” wins in this situation, as it shows her chops in listening to and flipping what prior techniques magicians -err… musicians have pulled off and made-to-work. “Made of Air” is made to work. And Grouper brings it to life in her newest album Ruins on Kranky Records, available NOW!

• Grouper: https://sites.google.com/site/yellowelectric
• Kranky: http://www.kranky.net

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