♫♪  Gucci Mane - Supreme ad [dir. Harmony Korine]

Gucci’s free, which means the next wave of material from the Trap God has begun to roll in. Last week saw the Mike WiLL collab “First Day Out Tha Feds” get a video treatment (which, short and to the point, established that Gucci’s a civilian again), and now he has released another brief visual team-up with past collaborator Harmony Korine.

Korine has a storied history with both Supreme and Gucci (repping the brand since the 90s and memorably casting Mane as the supervillain/super-victim in Spring Breakers), so this small commercial fits comfortably into his body of ad work.

The mood is lax; Gucci’s at home, spending money online, working on music, hanging out with his friends, dressed in all Supreme everything. The image of Gucci Mane’s post-prison life here is equal parts sad and celebratory: though his Atlanta mansion feels movingly empty, he’s back to work and staying creative (not to mention throwing around lots of cash). Korine’s eye for the unusual detail is as well-tuned as ever, capturing what seems like private and personal moments with the artist.

One can’t help but wonder where the outtakes from this filming session might eventually wind up. “You motherfuckers think I go to the store? Watch the ad above.

Gucci Mane’s new album Everybody Looking is out next Friday, July 22.

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