♫♪  HAKEEM - “RoseGold”

HAKEEM with that late-night sway. Giddy on the sample, but keeping a beat so smooth it melts frost glazing ya windows. Fuck bills, download V off the office OR Burger King WiFi, turn off the heat, and blare on all pre-charged speakers until there’s a steam enough to last through the night. Reflecting upon HAKEEM’s pension for recycled sounds, V presents the artist of this modern time, responding to green initiatives in various new ways we all hadn’t thought of before. OK, it’s not like beat-music is a new thing, or fiend sampling or exploring simple musical software, but there’s a patience to make it sound your own. As well, presented in the video about for “RoseGold,” there’s a clean-cut vibe about HAKEEM’s quality and focus with sound — exemplified in the video’s visuals — that rivals other R&B/boom-bap productionists, while calling upon a specific musician characterization. It’s V. It’s below:

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