♫♪  Hot Norwegian - “Carnelilan”

Having had lived in Asheville, North Carolina for four-plus years, I can candidly say that it’s truly a weird place. The town harbors a peculiar strand of counterculture that has frothed and effervesced in its vortex-al woods for centuries. There is a palpable, theosophical energy in its face-painting ceremonies, gritty DIY, synthesizers, or home-brewed tinctures; the kind that deaden eyes into all-seeing quartz patterns.

Hot Norwegian’s new cut “Carnelian” contains the howling, witchy darkness that can be faintly heard in any gust sweeping through the blue ridge valley. Hypnotic drums propulse dirge-like, scorched vocals into ritualistic atmospheres covered in ice — ice growing over concrete — ice that breaks human civility with primal “strangeness.” The accompanying visuals, directed by Courtney Chappell and the group, suit the piece well; they touch on a humor that’s only found in the most saturated oddities. Read over it like a tome containing weird secrets.

• Courtney Chappell: http://www.courtneychappell.com

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