♫♪  Huerco S. - “Prinzif”

Considering how much of electronic music is made in the four walls of the musician’s bedroom, out of the sunlight and the feel of a fresh breeze, Huerco S. has always sounded here. Not gallivanting around on the beach or driving around with the windows down, but music made right where most music is heard: at your desk, in the living room, on your stereo. It’s strange that we can be swept away by obsessively following the line of a particular music trend and then find ourselves faced with the familiarity of our lives feeling turned, twisted. It’s like seeing a commercial for the first time after years of only watching shows on Netflix.

Check out the video for “Prinzif” above. The full album, Colonial Patterns is out September 24 on Software.

• Huerco S.: https://soundcloud.com/huerco_s
• Software: http://www.softwarelabel.net
• Mexican Summer: http://mexicansummer.com

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