♫♪  Hybrid Palms - Rainbow Breeze [teaser video]

The serene sway of time passing, hemming the past and present together, comes alive in this preview for Hybrid Palms’ upcoming Lillerne Tapes release, Rainbow Breeze.

Hailing from Russia, Hybrid Palms has a surprising knack for planting your toes in the soggy, warm sand of a near-by beach by way of layered washes of ethereal synths and gentle field recordings. I imagine Russia has nice weather some of the time, but with a name like Hybrid Palms, I’m thinking this is more so la-la land material, not true-to-life music making, and I’m all for it. Now, a lot can be said about escapist, meditative music: much of it negative. Detractors claim a lack of challenge and/or depth. To that I say, try and stay awake during the lulling, gorgeousness of Rainbow Breeze. I dare ya!

If you’re a spoil sport, and can’t handle simple, delightful beauty, then yeah, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you have any amount of life left within you, then be on the lookout for copies of Rainbow Breeze, available 11/5/15.

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