♫♪  J Dilla - “Don’t Cry”

I’ve got to point out the glaringly apt symbolism on display: that the above video is clearly commenting on the impact Dilla had/has on a whole generation; that his musical presence will grow and fade, like so many other things in life, gaining and falling, gaining and falling; that human life may be short and bitter, yet still eternal and rewarding; that it’s possible to remain alive, even after a physical death, if only one can supply others with sweet, delicious jolts of life-affirming substance; that everything is cyclical; that death and rebirth are integral to a worthwhile existence; that we’re all a part of the same soil, giving back and forth, our nimble nutrients supplying saplings with guidance and direction; that everything is everything.

J Dilla: http://www.j-dilla.com
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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