♫♪  Jace Ewing - “The Waterclock”

The dream Weaver himself crapped us (that’s the phrase, right?) to Jace Ewing’s bouncing, potent style of “organic polyphony” last year. Now, a re-visiting of the song is in order because (a) it’s a goody, (b) it has a new colorful, geometcially-inclined video, and (c) the video was animated by none other than John Pound, best know as the creator of the Garbage Pail Kids. Yeah, you read that right.

“The Waterclock” is a cut from Ewing’s LP Simple System, released last year on CRISSY.

• Jace Ewing: https://soundcloud.com/jace-ewing
• John Pound: http://www.poundart.com

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