♫♪  Jake Schrock - “Cosmic Ocean”

Austin’s Holodeck has introduced us to many within the Texas capital’s deep roster of analog synth enthusiasts. When it seems like they’ve exhausted the Lone Star state’s synth resources, they’ve recently announced the debut cassette from Dallas sound sculptor Jake Schrock. The name may not ring a bell to fans of the label, but Jake has been a friend of many within the Holodeck fan, including S U R V I V E’s Michael Stein, with whom Jake went to recording school. Now it’s Schrock’s time to shine!

At the end of July [the 27 to be precise] Holodeck is putting out Tropical Depression. Below we have the first audio/visual taste of the tape, the trippy, mellow video for “Cosmic Ocean.” If you’re the kind of person who geeks out over gear, and a pair of hands (which I assume are Schrock’s) playing said keys and turning knobs, then you’re in for a treat. The release date may be two months out, but pre-orders are up, in case you’ve got the cash on hand and don’t want it going anywhere else. For optimal viewing and listening, turn the lights down, turn the speakers up, and zone “Cosmic Ocean” like you’ve never zoned before.

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