♫♪  James Ferraro - Human Story 3 (Official Trailer 2)

Embryos suspended in lattes, skin cells tucked in Ikea cabinets, the human genome mapped by Google and sequenced on an Akai MPC. The human story: not read, but passed down through adspeak, everything-time exploited for $$$, the “Instantly everywhere in the fortified city of Me,” the slow-motion selfie as prelude to an ongoing exquisite corpse, the forced smile more Real than the happy one, teeth glistening perfectly in the frozen YouTube buffer.

Where’d you get those earrings? Where’d you get your hair done? Where’d you get your jacket? Where can I purchase your flesh?

James Ferraro is self-releasing his new album Human Story 3 on June 14. He calls it “a musing on hyper individualism and the marketability of neotenous plastics.” Pre-order it here.

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